Probiotics May Relieve Symptoms of Depression- by Dr. Richard Firshein

Probiotics-those good little bugs that live inside of your intestines- have recently gotten a lot of attention in the news and rightly so. It seems that gut flora may provides up to 25% of the neurotransmitters our body uses every day for typical day to day functions. These functions include normal mood and balancing out stress. It seems as if these bacteria play an important role in regulating those feelings. This lends credibility to the cliche-that someone has a gut feeling about something.

A recent study from McMaster University found that probiotic use is linked to improve symptoms of depression. A new study further provides evidence that the gut flora interacts directly with our brain in producing specific neurotransmitters which are associated with depression. The bacteria that has been most often linked to the reduction of depression symptoms is bifidobacterium longum. Continue reading “Probiotics May Relieve Symptoms of Depression- by Dr. Richard Firshein”