Natural Compounds Help to Inhibit Prostate Tumor Growth- by Dr. Richard Firshein

Longevity is defined by the obstacles we must face as our bodies age. For men, one such obstacle is prostate cancer. It is estimated that one in five men will develop a tumor in their prostate. Second to skin cancer, it is the most common form of cancer in men. In cases with an early diagnosis, it may be a source of morbidity leading to impotence and other urologic complications.

In a recent post, I discussed the role of specific toxins and how they cause cancer. This was yet another emerging body of evidence, in regards to how cancer may die with prevention; particularly with foods and/or supplements.
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How to Prevent Environmental Toxins from Damaging Our DNA- by Dr. Richard Firshein

A new area of research targets molecules which are more prone to cause cancer, and natural ways we can help to prevent this. Recent scientific evidence has shown that specific toxins found in cigarette smoke, plastics, diesel, and ultra-violet radiation create damaging lesions within our DNA. The findings published in Chemical Research in Toxicology, provides new insight and understanding as to how environmental agents affect our DNA repair mechanisms; and why certain toxins are so damaging.

The answer at least partly, is due to certain chemicals which contain large difficult to remove molecules, that stick to our DNA.  Examples of these chemicals are those found in automobile exhaust and cigarette smoke ((also known as PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons)) which possess the capability to attach to our DNA. Due to the size of their molecules, our bodies struggle to remove said compounds; unlike those of a smaller size which are easily removed.

Most individuals possess a specific repair mechanism-equivalent to a scissor- called NER (Nucleotide Excision Repair). NER is what allows our body to cut out/remove damaged DNA, and replace it with a new copied set of DNA fragments; without the damage or injuries caused by toxins. Conversely, there are some individual who lack the ability of creating such a repair.

One of the advantages of preventive DNA testing, is to understand which patients are at risk for certain cancers; along with which natural compounds are best suited to mitigate this problem. For example, in prostate related cancer it may be tomatoes; which contain both vitamin a and lycopene.

This is one of the various reasons why I incorporate DNA based testing and treatments for most of my patients. It is also the reason I recommend using specific antioxidants, which not only help with DNA repair; but can also halt the subsequent steps once cancer has been initiated.

The good news is, that with time, our bodies remove many of the compounds that damage our immune system at a genetic level. Understanding and determining which healthy compounds work best for individual patients, is where Precision Based Medicine distinguishes itself from traditional medicine; and allows us to provide tailored treatment to each individual patient



If You are Concerned about Alzheimer’s or have Noticed a Change in Memory, it May be Time to Ditch the Sugar and Opt for a Healthier Lifestyle- by Dr. Richard Firshein

A critical area of concern in the field of Anti-Aging Medicine is the prevention of Dementia, specifically Alzheimer’s disease. I have seen this medical condition wreak havoc on individuals and families. There has been little hope for prevention until now.

A new study shows that the death rate from Alzheimer’s has risen 55% in the last 15 years. This dramatic change also appears to be a significant new risk for increasing mortality rates. Globally, there are more than 50 million people affected by Alzheimer’s, and that is estimated to increase to 125 million by 2050.

Alzheimer’s mainly affects people over the age of 65 (some research suggests symptoms can occur as early as the early 40’s) and the most common symptom and effect is chronic disabling memory loss.  Other common symptoms/conditions associated with the disease are impaired language, difficulty in concentrating/ decision making, confusion and ultimately disorientation. It’s both emotionally and physically draining not only to the individuals, but their families as well. Read More